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Warning: This is a high-cost credit. Consider alternative options before applying for this credit, including alternatives from other lenders regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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No Hidden Fees

No Early Settlement Fees

Simple Application Process

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Qualification based on Affordability

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Cash Loan in Ireland

Choose the size of your Loan

How much would you like to borrow? Use our loan calculator to find what’s nice and affordable for you. Choose the amount you’d like to borrow, then how many weekly repayments you’d like to make. It will then calculate how much you pay back every week and the total cost of your loan. It’s as simple as that.

Cash Loan in Ireland


Then apply for your cash loan and we’ll make a decision in principle, which means you’re almost there, based on the information you’ve given us. Loan approval is based on your ability to repay!

Cash Loan in Ireland

A quick chat

Someone from our friendly customer care team will phone you to confirm the details of your application. We will notify you if you application has been approved. We will then send you your Pre-Contract loan infrmation (electronically) and when you have confirmed by text or email that you have read this document, we will send you your loan agreement. Once the agreement has been signed and returned to us, we will transfer the agreed amount to your bank account.

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About Us

Cash Loan in Ireland

Who are Mandarin ?

Mandarin Loans is an Irish owned and run company. We aim to demonstrate that an online credit service can be a fair and intelligent service by sticking to our principles of:

Simple, Friendly, Fair and Affordable, finance.

Cash Loan in Ireland

Why should I use Mandarin?

We make sure our products are created in a way that’s right for our customers.

That's why all our products have absolutely no hidden charges or late fees. You only pay back what you agree upfront – simple

We know customers don’t always want to borrow €1000’s, which is why we issue small loans – up to €600 for new customers, and as our relationship grows you can apply for a larger loan, subject to affordability.

Unlike other lenders we understand that sometimes our customers might need to take a little longer to repay than they originally thought.

We know that the last thing anyone needs when they struggle to repay on time, is unexpected additional charges or fees. There are absolutely no hidden charges or late fees.

We also know that our customers like to know they can speak to someone if they have any questions, queries, or concerns.


Mandarin Loans offer new customers cash loans between €200 and €600. Loans can be repaid in nice affordable weekly amounts over 31, 40 or 52 weeks. Then as we get to know you a little bit better, you could borrow more. With Mandarin Loans there are absolutely no hidden charges or late payment fees, so the total cost of your loan will never change.

Mandarin Loans have a fresh approach to lending that sets us apart from other loan providers


  • We’ll start you off with a loan of up to €600* and as our relationship grows you can request a larger loan*
  • You’ll pay back in affordable weekly amounts and you can choose whether to repay over 31, 40 or 52 weeks
  • There are absolutely no hidden charges or late fees. You only pay back what you agree upfront – simple
  • A member of our Irish based Customer Care Team is only a phone call away so you’ve always got somebody to speak to

The Mandarin Loans Customer Care Team can be contacted on 041 9837585.

*Subject to affordability

Mandarin Loans keeps things simple and promises that there are no hidden charges or late payment fees so you always know the full cost of your loan upfront.

This sets us apart from the majority of our competitors who may add to the total cost of your loan throughout the term for a variety of reasons such as late or missed repayments

From when you first apply for a loan with Mandarin Loans, to you receiving your loan, can take up to 2 weeks.

At Mandarin Loans, we offer a friendly and sympathetic service if you have a change in your circumstances. We have experienced managers who are there to give you free help and advice on your budget without prejudice.The Mandarin Loans Customer Care Team can be contacted on 041 9837585

Yes, you have the right to withdraw from your agreement for up to 14 days after the agreement was signed.

You then will have 30 days to return the initial amount borrowed plus interested calculated on a daily rate.

To withdraw from your agreement you will need to speak to contact our office where they will supply you with a right to withdraw letter which will outline how much you owe plus interested calculated on a daily rate.

The Mandarin Loans Customer Care Team can be contacted on 041 9837585

Your repayments will begin within 7 days after the loan has been issued to you.

If you wish to pay a lump sum off your loan you can do this by speaking to a Manager of the Customer Care Team, this is called a partial settlement.

A partial settlement can be seen as anything more than your weekly repayment value.

If you decide to go ahead with a partial settlement you will then be given the option if you would like to reduce your future weekly repayments, or reduce the number of weeks of which you have to repay.

You will then be given a statement outlining the details of your partial settlement.

Your Mandarin Loans loan has been split into nice affordable weekly amounts to help make repaying your loan simple, however you can repay early if you want to and you may be entitled to a rebate.

If you would like to repay your loan early, please call our Customer Care Team on 041 983 7585 or talk to a Manager, who will let you know how much you need to pay and whether any rebate is due.

As a new customer, you can spread your repayments in nice affordable weekly amounts over 31, 40 or 52 weeks. Why not try our simple loan calculator to find something that’s affordable for you or apply online today.

Mandarin Loans consider all applications, and try to help people in different situations who can show that they are in the position to be able to meet repayments.

Keep these minimum requirements in mind – we will require:

  • Proof of ID, including date of Birth
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of PPSN
  • Your Public Services Card cannot be used for any of these proof

Any business that offers loans or products on credit now has to show their APR as a Representative APR.

Representative APR means that;

  • The representative example shown represents what 51% of customers who apply for a loan with the company will be offered.
  • A rate of interest now has to be included in the Representative example.

What does the rate of interest show?

The rate of interest is a useful tool for you to use when you want to compare products from one lender to those from another.

The rate of interest shows you what the loan would cost, expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed, if you borrowed the money for one year.

When this is applied to a Mandarin Loans loan, the amount includes the interest charge for the money lent. The rate of interest is added on an annual basis and is displayed as a fixed percentage.

A lot of people think that if they have bad credit they won’t be accepted for a cash loan, however this doesn’t have to be the case. When you apply for a loan with us we look at your current circumstances and not just your credit history. This means that you could be accepted for a Mandarin Loans loan even if;

  • You have missed payments in the past
  • You are unemployed
  • You have been turned down before

Our cash loans are available from €200 to €600 and are repayable through fixed affordable repayments that are paid directly into our bank account.

Although we could offer you a loan even if you have a poor credit history, we will never give you a loan that will mean your weekly repayments are more than you could comfortably afford to repay. If you are interested in applying for cash loan from Mandarin Loans fill in our online application form.

Annual percentage Rate of charge (APR) is used by the finance industry to make comparing the costs of loans seem easier for consumers. APR works best for loans that are based on a 12 month term or longer as it shows the rate that you would pay for the loan if you had it for 365 days.

However, when APR is used with short term loans, where the terms are over a number of weeks (generally between 26 and 52 weeks), the APRs can look considerably high in comparison to loans for periods over a year. APR is a very poor comparator for short term loans, under 52 weeks and in such cases will only give a true comparison if the loans are of the same duration.

It can be difficult to compare mainstream lenders like banks with short term lenders like Mandarin Loans using APR alone. More traditional lenders don’t include administration fees and late payment charges in their APR’s, which can make their APR’s seem smaller in comparison.

At Mandarin Loans, all charges for our services are included up front, therefore, we will never charge you any administration or late payments fees and we can guarantee you that the interest charge will never change during the course of your loan.

The best way to work out whether a Mandarin Loans loan would suit you is to use our loan calculator to work out what your weekly repayments could be.

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Cash Loan in Ireland

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